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  • Blog 88 - 08.10.17
    This week a friend asked “What do you do in the off season?”
    Posted: Sunday 8 October 2017
  • Blog 87 - 01.10.17
    What do you take with you and do on a weeks holiday?
    Posted: Sunday 1 October 2017
  • Blog 86 - 24.09.17
    I caught up with so many of my footballing friends and contacts this week. It was a week of avid activity culminating in a whistle stop visit to Waiheke Island for the “Fullers Football Festival.”
    Posted: Sunday 24 September 2017
  • Blog 85 - 17.09.17
    Surfing the net I stumbled on a site called "Cerebral Soccer."
    Posted: Sunday 17 September 2017
  • Blog 84 - 10.09.17
    Watched the Chatham Cup final today. It may officially be spring but what a cold one it was. For once the deluge of rain stayed away but still no sign of better days ahead.
    Posted: Sunday 10 September 2017
  • Blog 83 - 03.09.17
    It's arrived. The off season is officially here. I am still getting well wishers via the internet congratulating the team and I for our deserved promotion to New Zealand's top winter league, the Northern Premier League.
    Posted: Sunday 3 September 2017
  • Blog 82 - 27.08.17
    Everyone loves a winner or so it seemed after yesterday's 1-0 victory over much fancied Melville United.
    Posted: Sunday 27 August 2017
  • Blog 81 - 20.08.17
    Its still a three horse race at the top of the Northern League first division.
    Western Springs are back on top with the same points as us (49) and Melville are two points behind.
    Posted: Sunday 20 August 2017
  • Blog 80 - 12.08.17
    The pack are closing in aided and abetted by an abandoned game yesterday at McLeod Road, when after 45 minutes of play the referee, Mr Steven Black ended up calling it a night.
    Posted: Sunday 13 August 2017
  • Blog 79 - 06.08.17
    Returning to competitive fixtures after another break in our playing schedule was not an easy situation to overcome. Players are put on trust that they will prepare as footballers in their own time.
    Posted: Sunday 6 August 2017
  • Blog 78 - 30.07.17
    This week was catch up time for our promotion rivals.
    I saw Western Springs smash two teams without any sign of fight by the opposition, to make the game a worthy contest. The points were handed over on a silver platter.
    Posted: Sunday 30 July 2017
  • Blog 77 - 23.07.17
    On Saturday morning as I watched and listened to sleet pounding my ranchslider doors, a txt appeared on my iPhone screen stating both Melville United and Western Springs had their games cancelled.
    Posted: Sunday 23 July 2017
  • Blog 76 - 16.07.17
    The school holidays are here and once again the Manukau City Football Club, is running a free "Break Away" Holiday Programme.
    Posted: Sunday 16 July 2017
  • Blog 75 - 09.07.17
    You always leave yourself wide open to criticism when the team is given the week off training.
    Posted: Sunday 9 July 2017
  • Blog 74 - 02.07.17
    After Saturdays 2-1 victory over Tauranga City I gave the whole squad a week off.
    Posted: Sunday 2 July 2017

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