Blog 118 - 06.05.18

Blog 118 - 06.05.18

If you read this week’s match day programme you would think I was a clairvoyant.

We had not won a game in the last three outings against moderate teams (who all incidentally lost on Saturday) and here I was stating “the team is working hard in training and positive about the task ahead.”
Yes we thought we could topple the league leaders and we did!

Admittedly we once again made hard work of it going three up in seventeen minutes and after half time losing three goals in six minutes.
Eventually we pulled another goal out of the hat to win a classic game 4-3 and secure all three points.

Now the dust has settled I am still not happy with our goals against tally and will continue focusing on defensive work from goalkeeping to pressing and both will be covered in this week’s training schedule.
It needs to improve big time if we are to climb the league table.

My Man of the Match Moses Dyer, had a great week and a hand in most of the positive moments on Saturday afternoon and to top it off he was included in the “All White” training group.
Another big boost was the return of our talented striker Sanni Issa.
So we go into Saturday’s game at Olympic Park quietly confident of maintaining forward momentum.

I went to a movie this week. The first time for ages. What a unique experience. Mere and I were looking forward to our Wednesday date.
I selected a drama entitled “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.” What a mouthful that is for a movie!
So off we went to Cinema 7 at St Lukes arriving early to be greeted with a Nandos add in place of the pub that was once there. There goes plan A!
Never mind no pre movie meal and drinks. We settled for a Starbucks coffee.
We did manage a glass of wine later discovering a pub in the movie area.
We got great seats in row I, which was right at the back with heaps of leg room.

The minutes ticked by no sign of people or staff. So different to the days of my Youth when we went to “The three penny rush” at the Maltby Grand (not so Grand) Cinema. We stood in queues that long we felt lucky to get in. Once in we purchased a ice cream or drink from staff with trays around their neck, then settled into our seats and watched the unfolding drama.
If anyone misbehaved and that could vary from throwing missiles at the screen or below on the unfortunates in range a torch would be flashed in their face if they continued they would be kicked out. Usually head first through the steel emergency doors!
8.40pm arrived and the curtains opened with loud stereophonic sound. The film eventually came on we looked at each other and laughed. We were the only two people in the Cinema! Now that was a first for me!
I quietly enjoyed the movie there was some fabulous land and seascapes of Guernsey which incidentally is situated off the south coast of England and is one of the Channel Islands between England and France.
I have not been there but would if given an opportunity after seeing the beauty of the place on this movie.
The movie obviously is not going to be a box office blockbuster by this evenings turn out. It was not helped by the incongruous title.
If you like WW2 movies have a look I cannot promise you though a theatre to yourself!

I finished my week off watching our ladies team.
Sadly they were hammered 7-1 by Northland FC.
The step up appears to be a bridge too far. But with hard work the bridge no doubt can be spanned.
What I did see was a small, talented winger called Iman who joined the team from Fencibles.
At the game I bumped into three ex Mags girls who were involved in football in their school days.
It was a great catch up.

WOW (word of the week) Incongruous, adjective, meaning having nothing in common, not reciprocally agreeing. Referring to that awkward movie title.

POW (phrase of the week)
“A bridge too far.” Meaning an act or plan whose ambition overreaches its capability leading to difficulty.

Get behind the club Manukau United deserves your support.

Posted: Sun 06 May 2018