Blog 117 - 29.04.18

Blog 117 - 29.04.18

Three defeats in a week and all three could have easily been three victories.
What made it hard to swallow was I was up against young coaches who I used to teach.
Hats off to Hoani Edwards (Eastern Suburbs), Chad Coombes, Carl Jorgenson (Glenfield) and David Mulligan (East Coast Bays).
Its terrific that you all have a love for the game. I am looking forward to turning the table on you all in the return fixtures.

In our most recent fixture at Bay City Park we conceded a solitary goal in the 50th minute.
The goal was yet another counter attack reminiscent of the Eastern Suburbs game which saw two counter attacks end up in the back of our net.
We will certainly be working on the defensive flaws in training this week.
The three defeats in eight days has now put us in the lower third of the league. A position that maybe is more realistic with our present playing staff?

I have stated on numerous occasions this year is all about stabilisation and realism. We as a club have climbed to the top Premier division in two seasons. Some players are finding out that just maybe they are not Premier League quality.
Others can cope and with work more might lift their standards.
My job is to sort the wheat from the chaff. Once this is done we can get on with our upwards climb.
We are an ambitious club with a board who want to emulate the best New Zealand has to offer.

This week we entertain the league leaders Hamilton Wanderers it’s just like us to upset the apple cart and post a victory. It would not be a great surprise to me for this year the Premier League is that kind of contest.

Yesterday the New Zealand Herald published a lengthy article on our young Chairman Hone Fowler. The Journalist Steve Holloway captured what Hone is all about in a terrific football article.
It was a pleasure to see a write up on football because these days they are a rarity. What we don’t want is for the South Auckland football juggernaut to be halted by poor planning from the football association or short sighted football administration.
I could express similar sentiments for Steve Horn and his Waiheke Island team. Where there is a passion for the game encourage it and point the way to bigger challenges.

What time I have had I have been reading more of David Vanns work. “Caribou Island” published in 2011.
Is another disturbing book. Forget about happy Hollywood endings. This is life as it is. Suicide, murder, frustrating characters who pursue crazy schemes, the wilderness and dysfunctional families. Well worth a read.

Musically I have been drawn back to my roots. Irish music has always been prominent in my collection. This week it’s an old album that I still get a lot of pleasure from The Fureys “When you were sweet sixteen” some great tracks: The Green Fields of France, The Old Man, Yesterday’s Men, in fact there isn’t a bad track on this 1982 album.

WOW (word of the week) 
Reminiscent, adjective, meaning recalling to ones memory.

POW (phrase of the week)
“Sort the wheat from the chaff.” 
Meaning to separate things or people that are of high quality from those that are not.

Get behind the team on Saturday versus league leaders Hamilton Wanderers at Centre Park.

Posted: Sun 29 Apr 2018