Blog 116 - 22.04.18

Blog 116 - 22.04.18

The tolls of a football season are already beginning to take their effect on our playing squad.

Club captain Hone Fowler is already in the wars with an injury that has haunted him for the last three seasons.
A hamstring tear in the first half of the Eastern Suburbs game will probably put him out for 4-6 weeks.
We have already been hampered with the same injury to striker Iwa Shaker. When Hone came off at half time I shuffled the pack and Iwa came on.

Eastern Suburbs inflicted on us our first defeat.
It was certainly not helped by some poor defending.
If we are to survive at this level we have to tighten up on our defensive play. It’s hard to believe we got beat with two breaks from our attacking play?
No one organised defensively at attacking set play!
Two goals away from home should be enough to collect points.
So I am looking for a massive improvement in that area in the mid week game versus Glenfield.

This week with three games in eight days I am also looking to utilise all of the playing squad. A fresh, keen, player is better than a tired or injured one.
The week of course ends with a third game away against East Coast Bays.
What is amazing is all three games this week have coaches who I coached as youngsters years ago.

It was good to catch up with Hoani Edwards at Suburbs then I cross swords with Carl Jorgensen and Chad Coombes in mid week and on the weekend it’s a big hello to David Mulligan ex All White and Barnsley Football Club.
David and my son Rory joined another ex player of mine Colin Walker as apprentices at Oakwell. Both went on to have professional careers.
What a positive legacy for me working with so many keen young men who now are coaches.

I have to mention the positive work of Dinesh Chand with our reserve team. He had another win at the weekend and our reserve team is looking fresher and younger.
There is no point having a second team who is older than the first team.
What we require is a bunch of keen young players who are itching for that first team call up.
Saw a phrase this week that applies to football philosophy “Never lose hope and become hopeless.” How good is that for a football training mantra?

It was also good for me when I won Lotto in mid week.
I asked the young young lady at the counter to check a couple of old tickets.
As she was straightening them out I said “what happens when you win? Do the bells ring?”
She smiled put the ticket in and the bells rang out!
At this stage I was looking for confetti dropping down on us both. “You’ve won” she said. I now had dreams of living happy ever after.
Relax it was $23 but better than a kick in the butt.

WOW word of the week Toll. Noun. To take away, to cause great loss or a high number of casualties. Referring to the loss of key players.

POW phrase of the week. “Never lose hope and become hopeless.”
A mantra for all players after their first team debut.

See you all on Wednesday at Centre Park, kick off 3pm versus Glenfield.
We need your support.

Posted: Sun 22 Apr 2018