Blog 115 - 15.04.18

Blog 115 - 15.04.18

What a way to celebrate our first game at Centre Park! Beating Central United 4-3 was a momentous occasion.
Centre Park is a credit to all football supporters in South Auckland who had the vision to build a purpose built football ground. The framework is now in place and Centre Park I am picking, will be the home of many a memorable football occasion to come.

Having Central United as first up opponents ensured there was no complacency in the team.
The game was a credit to both teams and the seven goals scored kept the crowd on its toes throughout.
What pleased me the most was the fighting spirit of our team who refused to lie down also the inventive nature of our attacking players in and around the box.
A special mention for Tino Contratti who appeared as a left wing back. Tino has played in a number of positions already. Nothing phases him his versatility is matched by his confidence. Players like that are priceless. I was a little concerned about whether he would cope in a unfamiliar position and he said “Do not worry coach.”
Our start has surpassed the expectations of most people.
This league is a most competitive one and we have to keep focused if we are to continue the aims and ambitions of the club.

As a coach I am always looking to improve the squad and that ensures players remain competitive both at training and in competitive games.
This week we are away at Madills Farm to play another of my ex clubs Eastern Suburbs, coached by another of my ex players Hoani Edwards.

I have to also mention the recent stormy cyclone weather tested the commitment of the players to their training. On both Tuesday and Thursday there were nigh on fifty football players training at first team and reserve level.
The key now is to continue our positive mind set.
Last week I finished a novel called “The Crossing” written by Cormac McCarthy. It’s not the first book I have read of this author. At times I questioned the reality of the situation such as hunting a wolf and returning it to its homeland of Mexico.
Also the homeless itinerant life. To have no one in the world who you can call family?
It is summed up in the phrase “Life is a memory. Then it is nothing.”
What McCarthy has is a great vocabulary and his use of language is superb.

Have you heard of a band called “The Angels?” I honestly did not know this band.
The librarian who discussed this topic with me was a Angel fan and wondered what I would feel about the album called 1974- 2014 Forty years of rock.
I really enjoyed their music it’s rock and a triple album. Their rendition of The Animals “We gotta get out of this place” is top class.
Forty tracks no bad ones a great collection highly recommend it.

WOW (word of the week) Momentous, adjective, meaning of great importance, describing our win over Central United.

POW (phrase of the week) from Cormac McCarthy
“Life is a memory. Then it is nothing.”

See you all at Madills Farm to cheer on the team next week versus Eastern Suburbs.

Posted: Sun 15 Apr 2018