Blog 113 - 01.04.18

Blog 113 - 01.04.18

This week at training the quality and intensity I insist on by all players was present. I knew that would translate into a fine team performance against last years league champion and Chatham Cup winner, Onehunga Sports.

Our 3-1 victory at Michaels Avenue was well deserved in a game where we experienced for the first time the ridiculous “sin bin” ruling. This farcical ruling is confusing for coaches, players and spectators alike. It certainly has not been fully explained to clubs or coaches and does nothing for the game. It is also a situation that referees do not need. If a player is offensive and objectionable about a referees decision give him a yellow card, if he repeats it give him another, followed by the red. What was wrong with that ruling? Why copy rugby with their silly school boy, sin bin rule.
Whoever instigated this situation is not a football man. It does nothing for the advancement of the game nor does it add to the flow or entertainment value of football. Whatever happened to referees having better man management skills and a sense of humour?
My tip is for them to put a smile on their face and get on with enjoying the game instead of all the pedantic performances I am experiencing a lately.
We also timed the sin bin and it was twelve to thirteen minutes not the stipulated ten!
To be perfectly honest I was disappointed in the officiating where many fouls and offside calls were missed with linesmen (assistant referees or ar's) who did not keep up with the play.

I am also not a fan of omniturf surfaces nor indeed any synthetic surface.
This year many clubs have been let down by pitches prepared by city council grounds people. The unavailability of playing fields is a disgrace and a situation that should never happen. More professional supervision of the football grounds would have put paid to all this nonsense of grounds being unavailable at this time of the season.
Football, New Zealand’s most popular participation sport is in a mess and should have more clout than it does at the moment!

My week started with a demonstration of the FIFA 11+ Warm up exercises. It also was a catch up with the course supervisor David Rayner who happened to be a young player who represented New Zealand at under 17 level at the 1999 World Cup held here in Auckland. I was the coach of that team who were the first New Zealand team to win a game at World Cup level beating European Champions Poland.
David went onto sign a contract for Newcastle United and also represented the All Whites. These days he is full time coach with New Zealand Football and what a good job he is doing. His presentation was superb and certainly appreciated by all who attended.

A big welcome to our latest signing Moses Dyer. I worked with Moses as a schoolboy at Mount Albert Grammar School and since then he has become a All White as well as a talented television performer in the Rebel Sports advertisement.
Moses will be a real asset in our midfield area. For the first time this season I had a selection problem.
It is a situation I want more of. Competition breeds success.
I am looking forward to more signings in the near future.
Having said that I am only in the hunt for players who can add to the squad and in positions we need.

Finished another biography on the stoic, unsmiling Dutch coach Louis Van Gall. Remembered chiefly by me not as a player but as coach during a most successful spell at Ajax and later another of Holland’s exports to the Catalan team Barcelona following Rinus Michels and Johan Cruyff. More recently his instantly forgettable two years at Old Trafford have seen him enter unofficial retirement. (He did win the FA Cup.)
Author Maarten Meijer did a good job revealing the true character of van Gaal whose rigid rules did not suit all of his players.
Despite that his record justified the methods he used.
I did like his mantra “I don’t need the eleven best but the best eleven.” Also his measuring stick for all Ajax players
TIPS meaning Technique, Insight, Personality and Speed.

WOW (word of the week) Pedantic, Adjective, meaning one who relays chiefly on petty rules and book learning.
POW (phrase of the week) Competition breeds success.

Lent is over I have lost some flab feel fitter than ever and am looking forward to those Northern beaches.

See you all at Western Springs next week for some more entertaining football.

Posted: Sun 01 Apr 2018