Blog 111 - 18.03.18

Blog 111 - 18.03.18

With one week of preparation time left we still have lots to do tactically as a team.
Manukau United’s pre season games are over. We had nine in all, two internal games and seven against other clubs.
What did I learn about my players?
Lots, particularly pertaining to application, dedication and versatility.
Are we ready for the new challenge? Time will tell. The mission is to survive in the Premier League and build on that platform.

One area that has improved is our shortage of goalkeepers. Welcome to 18 year old Danyon Dvorak, who joined us from Onehunga Mangere. Danyon replaces Fergus Connolly who strangely enough joined Onehunga Mangere.
More positive news in the goalkeeping department was the return of Jonno Mannes at the week end against Waiheke United.
The squad is evolving slowly and soon I hope to name the eighteen players for the 2018 season.
What I have said to the players is “I can only judge what I see” and by their performances in games and training will they be selected.
I have no favourites. So interesting times ahead.

I had a brief interview on TV3 this week commenting on the recent All White squad that the new Swiss born National Coach Fritz Schmid, has selected. Obviously he doesn’t know any of our players nor does he know our culture, so take it as read his coaching assistants namely Jose Figueira and Des Buckingham have been instrumental in putting together what can only be described as a young exploratory squad that includes another of my students in Nikko Boxall who joins his brother Michael Boxall, Storm Roux, Sarpreet Singh and Monty Patterson and Te Atawhai Hudson-Wihongi (on stand-by) all from my stable.

When I was informed that Schmid used the social media and opinions of the fans as an extra tool to help select the All Whites it did come somewhat as a surprise. I was then asked was that avenue ever pursued by me in my selection of the team I worked with over the years I said “No you would be better off taking your advice via “The Beano!".
Internationally we are not in a good place the recent two, 2-0 losses to Scotland by the Football Ferns are another example of what is to be expected by the recent coaching appointments. Andreas Heraf who is also the current New Zealand Technical Director had a major influence in the appointment of Schmid.
Neither National coach knows enough about our players or the New Zealand culture.
It’s a strange kettle of fish the going’s on these days at North Harbour.
I honestly expected a better result in both games from a New Zealand women’s football team that is packed with experienced players, playing against a team rated just below them on the FIFA ladder.

What have I been reading? A novel called "Legend of a Suicide” by a Canadian author called David Vann.
I picked up the book at Hard to Find Books in Onehunga. As usual there is a story behind the book. David Vann is a friend of a friend who is selling his house/ bach in Taupo Bay, Northland.
When I was told he was an author I looked up his work to realise he is an acclaimed author as a well as a university professor. His style and plot reminds me of Cormac McCarthy.
The book was easy to read and then I struck the last chapters and had to re read and still am confused. The weird ending left me thinking who is alive and who is dead. If I purchase his property I will have to hear it from the horses mouth.

My music once again is the band I discussed last week namely The Cranberries. I purchased the album on the same day as my bargain 99 cent double album. This one is simply entitled “The Cranberries” and there is not a poor track on it. Nineteen tracks all worthwhile for an album. A few repeats but a dozen new songs.

Am thirty two days into Lent working four days a week at Jett’s gym. Loving the work outs and slowly getting rid of any excess baggage.

WOW (word of the week) acclaimed, to receive or honour with applause derivative Latin acclamare, to shout.

POW (phrase of the week) A strange kettle of fish. Meaning a awkward, difficult or bad situation or mess.

Hope you are looking forward to the new season and if a player raring to go.

Posted: Sun 18 Mar 2018