Blog 109 - 04.03.18

Blog 109 - 04.03.18

Every week takes its own distinct shape with happenings, meetings and events. This week was a full one with training, matches, meetings and pleasant moments.

For starters I joined Jetts Gym. Had my first aerobic session and bumped into another young man who I coached in days of yesteryear. These days he is concentrating on building a career in the health and fitness industry.
Karlo Pavic is now a personal trainer at the Jetts gym in St Lukes. What struck me most about Karlo 2018 was the obvious satisfaction that he gets from his occupation.
So if you are needing a programme for your sport pop into Jett’s gym in St Lukes and Karlo will help and advise you with your weekly training schedule.

Week six of Pre season ended with a practice match versus near neighbours Franklin United. It was a most useful exercise and highlighted a couple of areas that need more work.
Matches provide coaches with real life situations that can be worked on at training.
Attacking wise we are a threat to anyone but out of ball possession we have work to do.

This week we entertain Cambridge at Massey Road kick off 3pm. It’s our last home game
prior to opening the season away at Waitakere City.

My visit to McLennan Park this afternoon was the second time this season I have been at the venue. The game was my first choice preferring it before the National League clash at Bill McKinley Park. Chiefly because it mattered. The thought of synthetic turf and watching a rubber match didn’t appeal.
Brian Turner and David Taylor and their Onehunga Mangere team were up against a Beachlands Maraetai team in leg one of what is a two leg competition both games to be played on the same ground. Work that one out! Wouldn’t you think one game on what is a neutral ground is suffice?

The winner takes its place in the second division thanks to our amalgamation with Mangere United earlier in the year.
It ended in a 1-1 draw. The result was just about right. Onehunga Mangere opened the scoring from a Crawford corner but goalkeeper Danyon Dvorak blew it with a howler losing the ball on the edge of the box.
It was an entertaining game watched by a enthusiastic crowd who no doubt will make their way to the second leg next week. The standard of play though was disappointing and on this showing both teams would need to step up and strengthen their squads to survive at the next level.

Spoilt for choice this week with music. I have been listening to a double album of Simple Minds I obtained from the library. I also purchased some music but more about that next week. Simple Minds, yes I have heard of them but never seriously listened to them and know little about the band.
My wife gave me some information on songwriter Jim Kerr and mentioned they were a Indie rock band bordering on grunge?
What strikes me most about the albums is both CD1 and CD2 are basically the same. Album two plays extended versions of album one. The New Gold Dream 1981-2-3-4 is worth a spin and it grows on you. Pity though that disc two did not include some different material instead of the same songs.

Just finished a book given to me by John Palethorpe. The book was written by a good friend of his. “Games Without Frontiers” by Joe Kennedy is not your average football book.
It’s almost a exercise in trying to explain the meaning and effects that football has on all aspects of life.
Almost too academic to really enjoy. Despite that I read every word many I had to seek guidance from the Oxford concise dictionary. Yes it was deeper than Joyce, Beckett or any author I have read. The net result was it turned out to be a slog, even a task. It did not have that cathartic effect that reading or football usually gives me.

Gotta mention a book that’s just hit the shelves “The Boy on the Shed” by Paul Ferris.
For players in my era the name Ferris is synonymous with football. Paul is the brother of Tony Ferris, ex All White and Mount Maunganui midfield player.
He was a player himself at Newcastle United got a bad injury and eventually became their physio. I have not read it but will and certainly look forward to the book after listening to a most interesting interview on the internet.

WOW (word of the week) Cathartic, adjective, to purge, cleanse, purify.

POW (phrase of the week)
“Blew it with a howler.” Meaning a tragic mistake of gigantic proportions by Onehunga Mangere goalkeeper Danyon Dvorak. Certainly a moment he will be replaying over and over again in his sleep.

Pre season is due to begin week seven and general fitness levels should be much better. Keep working at it.

Posted: Sun 04 Mar 2018