Blog 108 - 25.02.18

Blog 108 - 25.02.18

No NZFA coaching course could prepare a coach for what I have been through in the past week.

First we get ousted from training at Centre Park because of a grass virus problem. That in itself created a real problem such as getting familiar with our home ground at Centre Park. Most of the current squad are from Manukau City, and Centre Park (the home ground of Mangere United) is the chosen venue for our league games next season and many are not familiar with the surface or setting.

So off we went to Massey Road on arrival there on Tuesday I am then informed we cannot train on pitch number one or two. Lo and behold the same virus has spread 2km down the road.
So now we have to resort to the training area which is acceptable but we first have to kick off all the itinerant groups who have laid claim to it over the summer period in our absence.
All the time I am thinking why did not a employee of the Auckland city council detect this problem early and nip it in the bud?
Don’t they employ groundsmen anymore? Or are they just tractor drivers? Surely a groundsman would have spotted this grass disease before it spread further and further.

Next major problem “ethnic tournaments”. The time has come for the NZFA to make all of these bodies accountable.
Referees are employed by the various tournaments, players are paid, grounds are hired. The problem is it is now interfering with pre-season preparation of many teams.
All of these tournaments that are held obviously in high esteem go nowhere. There is no football future playing for a NZ domiciled Nadi or Ghana.
They lead nowhere all they do is line the pockets of a few avaricious players and give a local business man a lift if his team wins the tournament.
It’s time they were addressed and brought in line and if played at all are played only out of season.
If you want to get anywhere in NZ football stop kidding yourself and try and play for a mainstream team simple.

What a week we now have a new National Coach. I commented on the appointment on Brendan Telfers radio show.
The appointment has hardly made a ripple on the football pond.
It is a most underwhelming appointment that hopefully will not go the same way as the recent Wellington Phoenix coaching appointment.
One guy was talking winning the league (he is currently bottom of the table) and this one is already talking World cup finals 2022.
If the rules change and winning Oceania means direct entry he could be right but crossing over and beating other confederations is a different preposition.
In the past fifty years or so we have qualified for the World Cup finals twice in Spain 1982 and South Africa 2010.
Both successful campaigns were spearheaded by NZ domiciled coaches in 1982 Fallon and Adshead and in 2010 Herbert and Turner.
They were successful because the coaches were familiar with the customs, traditions and strengths and weaknesses of the country.
Now we have a foreigner picking another foreign coach to lead our country.
On top of that a four year term is offered and gladly taken.
I hope I am wrong but I see this being another bungle.

I have a big thanks to give to Matt Chant a man of many talents.
I watched him knock in a fifty yard free kick at North Harbour v Glenfield and twenty four hours later he starred in Manukau United’s goals playing against a very useful Birkenhead team. What’s remarkable about that?
One he is s striker come Centre back and two he doesn’t play for Manukau United but is helping me through a coaching nightmare.

At the current time we have no goalkeeper. Both of last years keepers are injured. Two trialled but decided to move on so if you are a keeper and fancy putting yourself forward for Premier League get in touch or give me a bell on 0274987765. ASAP.

This week I devoured a top book entitled “The European Game” by Daniel Fieldsend. Terrific reading well written and informative. A football book par excellence. It’s a travelogue of football starting in Paris and ending in Amsterdam. Taking in seventeen stops over a three month period examining
The best football clubs in Europe.
The author (a coach himself) asks the pertinent questions at Barcelona, Ajax, Bayern Munich and many more. He looks at development, staff duties, ownership and the city and area the club is in.

Music never seems the same in Lent maybe because a wine is not on the menu.
Despite the dampener I have been listening to one of my favourite bands and albums. “Stop The Clocks” Oasis is a double CD probably the definitive album of theirs. I see it only cost me $7.99 ages ago from The Warehouse. What a bargain.
Still love “Don’t Look Back In Anger” “Wonderwall” “Rock n Roll Star“

WOW (word of the week) Avaricious, adjective, meaning
covetous, grasping, activated by greed. The focus of all those ethnic football players.

POW (phrase of the week) “Nip it In the bud.” Meaning put a stop to something while it is in its early development.
From the de budding of plants. Circa 1595.

Good luck with your Pre season try to stay focused.

Posted: Sun 25 Feb 2018