Blog 107 - 18.02.18

Blog 107 - 18.02.18

It’s been a challenging week for me Lent has kicked in so life for nigh on fifty days is about abstinence, a little exercise, a little pain and trying to focus on what makes this world such a exciting place to live in.

I have no doubt that the number one gift in life is that of good health. Aided and abetted by sound nutrition and exercise.
Nothing worth achieving comes easy and every year I go on this personal crusade. I believe a annual detox keeps me focused and in good health and spirits.

Our first official practice match versus Eastern Suburbs saw me leave Massey Road with a smile on my face. Competitive games put the training in a more realistic light.
I managed to play sixteen players and to a man no one did their future chances any harm.
Prior to the game two players were late and suffered the usual sanction of not starting.
Anyone watching the game would be asking who some of the players were.
I often ask myself the same question in training at this time of the year with all the transient players who float around Auckland.
I am pleased to report that two new goalkeepers appeared at training and one a nineteen year old called James Dowsett appeared in yesterday’s game.

Another newcomer was Prince Quansah. Prince first played for me as a twelve year old at Mount Albert Grammar School.
He will be a massive presence in the midfield area this season.
Other notable newcomers were James Hoyt, Sanni Issa, Ryan Mugumira, Elton Mudzingwa and Ben Owusu.

We are still looking to build a team capable of surviving in the Northern Premier League, a team South Auckland can be proud of.

This week we entertain Onehunga Mangere Wednesday 6.30pm kick off and on Sunday Birkenhead are our visitors kick off 11am. Both games at Massey Road.

The mid week fixture means our training routine for participating players will be adapted accordingly.
I will be working on light conditioning, technique and one or two tactical problems from the Suburbs game.
This week will also see the separation of the first team and reserves. Newly appointed coaches Dinesh and Poasa can now with guidance get on with their own training routines.

My reading material this week was a library book called “How To Win” by an unknown author who calls himself “The Secret Footballer”. In this book he is assisted by the secret psychologist. Sounds weird but the book is worth a read for all you coaches.
A lot of the book deals with the mentality of a successful team, coach, player.
How about this a player needs “Discipline that comes with commitment that maximises talent”
Or “To change our outer world we have to change our inner world.”
He talks about a games “champagne moment” meaning the very best occasion in the contest like yesterday’s amazing volley by Shrivan Sharma. Skill of the highest order.

Music time it’s another single for you music enthusiasts to mull over. My Italian favourite Gianna Nannini and Edoardo Bennato sing the best World Cup theme song ever “Un Estate Italia.” Every time I hear it I could play again, pure emotion. Give it a spin.

WOW (word of the week) Sanction, noun, meaning refrain from a mode of given conduct. Measure intended to enforce. Referring to my two latecomers at yesterday’s game.

POW (phrase of the week)
“Nothing worth achieving comes easy”. Apply it to your game boys.

Have a great week and make an effort to watch a Manukau United game this week.

Posted: Sun 18 Feb 2018