Blog 106 - 11.02.18

Blog 106 - 11.02.18

How’s the pre season preparation going? Was a question I was asked this week by a couple of people.

My answer was some top sessions, a top turn out but although high in numbers at times low on quality.
Also for five or six younger players it was low on fighting spirit when they pulled up half way through the “Fartlek activity.”
It almost as someone pointed out, mirrors last seasons comments from the pre season.

To top the week off our pre season friendly v Onehunga Sports was cancelled due to the inclement weather. Earlier in the day I received a notification that The Auckland City Council had closed Centre Park for a month due to a grass disease. What tragic timing for our seasonal preparation. We will now be playing on a surface (if we are lucky) in late March that the team has not familiarised itself with.

So this week’s planned fixture v Eastern Suburbs will be switched to Massey Road. Kick off 4pm with a curtain raiser reserve game kicking off at 2 pm.

Earlier in the week Tuesday February 6th I acknowledged the 60th anniversary of the Munich air disaster. The day when Manchester United tragically lost most of their talented team returning from a European Cup fixture versus Red Star in Belgrade. It’s a day (6th February 1958) that I will never forget. Such a massive loss for British football.

I managed to catch the Eastern Suburbs v Tasman clash at Bill McKinlay Park. Also caught up with a number of footballing people.
The game was televised live on Sky tv and I was caught on their match footage talking to Thabiso Tleane.
Suburbs after a relatively even first half took care of business sinking the South Island visitors 3-0.
I am not a artificial turf man in fact it’s fair to say I have an aversion to the stuff. The upside and advantage of it is on atrocious week ends like we have just experienced games are still possible.

There were a couple of mad moments in the game. Michael Built provided the first when his shot hit the bar bounced down was cleared. Not so the referees assistant Stephen Merriman adjudged the ball to have crossed the line. This was later confirmed to me by Sky tv ‘s Martin Devlin.

The second incident was the ridiculous sending off of Moses Dyer. Who gets sent off. In injury time when you are leading 3-0? Answer a player who has stopped thinking.
The top four is just about confirmed. Not much that is new apart from the appearance of Eastern Suburbs who fielded four ex Mount Albert Academy players from the schools good old days.

Remember the dreadlocked Rudd Gullit? I have just finished a book of his called “How to watch Soccer.”
I don’t particularly like the title we all know it’s football.
The book though was entertaining and contained lots of good advice addressing what feels like random topics such as young talent, tactics, strikers, half time, physique, in fact almost most topics that a coach could use a expert opinion on.
I particularly liked his comment “how you train is how you play.”
Well worth a read.

Music I didn’t get time for an album this week but couldn’t resist reflecting on a Led Zeppelin tribute song “Stairway to Heaven” on Youtube sung by Ann and Nancy Wilson at the Kennedy Centre Honours on December 27 2012. Fantastic rendition.

WOW (word of the week) Aversion, noun, meaning a strong feeling of dislike, instinctive apathy. Latin Aversus turned away.
POW (phrase of the week) is Rudd Gullit's “How you train is how you play.” 
Make sure you apply it.

Posted: Sun 11 Feb 2018