Blog 105 - 04.02.18

Blog 105 - 04.02.18

I couldn’t resist the clash between Waitakere United and Hamilton Wanderers. It was a day of different hopes and aspirations for both opposing coaches.

Ricki Herbert was striving to rid himself of having the worst run of defeats for his club in National League history and Chris Milicich was looking at what could be his last chance of qualifying for the top four play off.
I was surprised to see on arrival at the ground Waitakere started the game with a central defender playing up front.
In a hard fought, close, first half, chances were missed at both ends.

Tommy Semmy put Hamilton ahead with a well taken goal in the 20th minute.
Waitakere via the converted centre back Julyan Collett equalised in the 25th minute with a goal that the Hamilton goalkeeper, Matthew Oliver, will have nightmares about.
Amazingly in the second half Milicich substituted his centre back Stewart Mackay for Matt Chant and Collett went to centre back. 
Ricki Herbert shook up his attack with Alex Frank up front. It was Frank who skipped around Collett in the 67th minute and cooly slotted the ball past Oliver for what was the winning goal.

The attendance once again was disappointing. 
The standard led me down the path of who on the park could step up to the next level of football in New Zealand? That is playing for the Phoenix. The answer on this performance was none!

My half time conversation with long time Waitakere City supporter Brent Harlock produced what I feel was a gem. While discussing the state of the game here in New Zealand and glancing at yet another poor attendance, Brent came out with “why not go back to the double headers.” 
These were common practice in my day at Newmarket Park with turn outs of 8/10,000.
What a good idea Waitakere v Hamilton followed by Auckland City versus Team Wellington.
The next double header then could be at Kiwitea Street. At least we would get a good turn out and possibly pay for the stadium costs.
Any profits could be shared. 
What all clubs have to keep in mind is it takes ten to twelve clubs to make a competition. 
It’s no use one club making a profit and having no one to play against.

I have no doubt that right now the game is at an all time low here in NZ. We have too many servile people running the game. Their obsequious ways are leading us further and further into areas that would not have been tolerated in the days of Charlie Dempsey. 
People are running the game with no real background in Football. 
There are more full time workers in the game and less is getting done.
We appear to have a knee jerk reaction to most areas including international appointments and international planning. 
Why is no one excited about the recent announcement of New Zealand playing Canada behind closed doors in Spain? Or the recent international team appointments?

Thank goodness for music. I have been listening to a double album of Carly Simon entitled “Songs from the trees.” This album is the musical memories of thoughts she put into a 1983 memoir called “Boys in the trees.” I have not read the book but will if I get the opportunity. She has lived an interesting life being associated with such notables as Warren Beatty, James Taylor, Kris Kristofferson and others. 
Carly Simon is a talented singer songwriter who goes way back to my Gisborne days. 
I enjoy her music still today.

Finished reading another reread a biography of Charles Bukowski by Howard Sounes called “Locked in the arms of a crazy life.” Enjoyed it just as much the second time around. Sounes likened Bukowski’s writing to “the spoken voice nailed to paper.” The book covers the poets life through his days as a “Barfly” and sees him rise from the depths of despair to eventually living the good life.

WOW (word of the week) Obsequious, Adjective, Meaning servile, compliant, fawning. Latin derivative Obsequidus. First known use 1711.

POW (phrase of the week) 
A knee jerk reaction. Referring to recent New Zealand Football decisions meaning a quick decision and not considering something correctly or carefully.

Enjoy your pre season.

Posted: Sun 04 Feb 2018